20 June 2009

A fixer-upper opportunity

We visited another plot of land for sale this week. It was located next to a lovely coniferous woodland, but had a number of big disadvantages, the main one being access. The land was accessed by a half mile long lane, only suitable for four-wheeled drive vehicles, with 5 gates between the main road and the land. The land contains a "cottage" and another small building. The estate agent's details state that the cottage hasn't been lived in since the second world war and that there is no planning permission to live on site.

I'd be highly surprised if anyone was interested in restoring this.

The cottage:

Ian in the cottage (note the lack of roof)

The fireplace:

Inside the other building:


Scriptor Senex said...

Perhaps it's not been lived in since then because a bomb hit it! Rather looks like that. Shame about the access I'll just have to continue to keep fingers crossed for the right plot to come along.