15 June 2009

Only the best

A couple of weeks ago I had my first ever Ben and Jerry's ice cream. I've always considered it a bit expensive to try and now having done so will probably not be buying any again.

Last night Ian finished it off and left the lid on the bed. William proceeded to lick it and then (not being able to resist the photo opportunity) Ian gave him the pot to lick. It seems that William was more fond of it than I was.


Scriptor Senex said...

Someone commentd on their blog that they likled cookie dough. Now I understand - it's an ice cream!

Bryony said...

Fabulous video. Off to an exam in Gateshead shortly and it really cheered me up and made me smile. The next best thing to an actual cat hug I guess! xxx

Mark said...

I would have thought that William's favourite flavour would have been Phish Food, what with the chocolate fish swirled through!