25 February 2009

Super king!

Ian has never managed to fit on our bed without his feet sticking off the bottom, so after Christmas we decided to be extravagent and invest in a super king size bed.

This shows the king sized mattress on top of the super king.

William enjoyed the temporary double mattress experience immensely.

16 February 2009

Quite an event

Today we decided to take a trip to Bristol to go to Ikea for the first time and look at their kitchens. We also went to asda at Bristol as their food is much cheaper than Sainsburys. It appears we picked the wrong day - it took us 3 and a half hours to get home due to a burning lorry on the M5. The lorry caught fire in the early afternoon and the motorway is still closed now at 8 pm. How is it that in Australia they can deal with fires covering thousands of acres, but in Somerset they can't handle a single lorry. According to the news on the radio "what you have to understand here is that we have burning paper and cardboard...". All good fun!

12 February 2009


No, this is not a blog entry about birds. Two days ago I was downstairs and heard a strange sound from above - very brief, less than a second, but shrill. My instinct was that it was a bird on the roof, but then I realised that it wasn't quite natural. My next thought was that it must be someone next door - they're often making drilling / sawing sounds as they've been doing some rennovations to their house. I came to the conclusion that they were sawing metal pipes (they did have their gas heaters removed the week after we had our central heating put in). Only when the sound began to repeat at regular intervals of about 3 minutes or so did I realise that it was coming from our house.

It turns out that when the battery is low our smoke alarm 'chirrups' (it actually uses that word on the alarm). The smoke alarm was here when we moved in and to my knowledge it's not happened before. I think every house I've lived in has had a smoke alarm, but this is the first I've ever heard chirrup.