15 June 2009

Introducing Panambi

We were a little concerned that Panambi might be shy, having only been at the Chestnut Centre for 3 weeks. She was actually very friendly and came right up to see us. Manoki and Panambi are getting on really well and we were lucky enough to watch them play together (mostly in the water) for over 30 minutes before dinner time.

This is Panambi:

You can tell any two giant otters apart from the markings on their neck. Manoki has more white on his:

It was extremely difficult to get a photograph of the two together as they were constantly on the move


Scriptor Senex said...

Love the bottom photo - just about sums up ottership (or should that be otterness?).

Bryony said...

Thank you Helen! Hope you really enjoyed yourselves.

Dewi Elliott said...

I think Panambi should wear a bow on her neck so we know she is a girl otter :)

GB said...