6 July 2009

Lemon syrup cake

Mum gave me a wonderful book "a year of desserts" a couple of years ago and I've started making some of them. The coconut ice cream was a bit too sweet for me, but Ian loved it (and of course I'll post the recipe if anyone's interested). We both really love this lemon cake - it's very moist and lemony and best served warm.

The worst part is chopping the candied peel - not easy as it's so sticky. Hopefully there's a shop out there that sells it already chopped, but we haven't found it yet.


Scriptor Senex said...

Carol from up the road has given me two cake recipes recently and now this - I'm going to have to get those baking tins out and make a start...

GB said...

The lemon cake is one I would eat and make. But coconut ice cream would be a definite yuk yuk for me.

I cheat when I make my 6 Christmas cakes: I rince the glace cherries if I have to chop them otherwise it becomes a terrible task. I don't chop the candied peel for the cakes but if I had to I'd rince that too.