12 January 2009

Veg box

As usual we began the new year with resolutions to be more healthy. I got as far as buying a book on nutrition, but Ian did something far more sensible by signing us up to receive weekly vegetable boxes from a local grower. The seller forgot to email us to let us know when / where to pick up the first box so we were lucky enough to get this one for free.

Although it had been sitting under a hedge for a couple of days the only damage done was the addition of 22 slugs that Ian kindly removed before I photographed the box.

Never seen a parsnip look like that before and it will be our first acorn squash. I fancy trying a recipe on the web for acorn squash with apricot preserve. Will blog it if it's any good.


Scriptor Senex said...

That looks rather good. We are still getting lots of veg from Brian's allotment so I made a veg soup yesterady, Jo is blanching some kale and I had leeks with cauilflower cheese (only the cauliflower was bought).
Parsnip roasted with a syrup or honey glaze (not too much) is beautiful.