5 January 2009


Today we found out that our offer on the land nearby had been rejected. Not wishing to be disheartened we immediately set off to view another plot at Rowhorne, again just outside Exeter, but this time on the opposite side to our house. The land was described as being a sloping field leading to a wooded copse, with a mass of bluebells covering the floor in Spring and a stream running through and another gently sloping field on the other side of the copse. I had a feeling when it said the second field was gently sloping that the first would be unmanageable for anything that we had in mind. I don't think this picture truly conveys the slope that this field is on - Ian had to hold my hand as we walked down the edge and it was much steeper in the middle. The second field was not gently sloping - it was a hill - much higher in the middle than on any side and not even close to level at any point.

Apart from the incredible view the one thing that made the visit worthwhile was a fantastic group of icicles formed at the highest point of the land where a trickle of water normally runs down.


Scriptor Senex said...

Love the icicles. Hope your land hunt finds something soon...