30 January 2009

Picture tag

I have been tagged by my father on Rambles From My Chair with a picture tag.

The rules are:
Go to the 4th folder in your computer where you store your pictures
Pick the 4th picture in that folder
Explain the picture
Tag 4 people to do the same.

I chose the insects folder on my computer, and the 4th folder was the butterfly folder. The 4th butterfly was Argynnis paphia, the silver washed fritillary.

This photo was taken at one of my favourite nature reserves in Devon - Bystock Pools. In addition to a large lake, some smaller pools and lots of heathy ground Bystock has a beautiful meadow that's host to a wonderful array of insects.

I'm afraid I'm going to fail at tagging people to do the same. Whilst I do read a couple of other blogs, other than family (and all but one have been tagged), the writers of those blogs have no idea who I am.


Scriptor Senex said...

Thanks Helen. I'm often happy to do these things but not keen on tagging people so don't worry - it won't become a habit!

Antigonum Cajan said...

I am testing those under environment interests in their profile, it is not
going so well.

You are the first, perhaps the only
I will find doing something..
Writing, studying, sharing..

I write about nature from a critical focus including ecology, maintenance practices, plant collecting, propagation, insects,
and so on.

Congratulations, there are not many people writing about insects (blogwise)of any kind, in an amusing fashion.