29 May 2009

Marriage is like a jacuzzi

I use both facebook and ebay daily. That is I use facebook several times a day - I check it as often as I check my email. I tend to use ebay only once a day unless I'm actually bidding on something. Most of the time I search for plants - I find it a wonderful way of finding new species, which I then add to my list of plants that I'd like (if I had money and space).

A couple of days ago a facebook friend brought this ebay item to my attention. I'm not sure how long this will be on the web, but do check it out if you want a laugh...

A few excerpts:

Available for sale is my ex-wife's Trek 1000 Alpha. This is one of those items she absolutely had to have so her life could be complete. Somehow I wound up with it in the not-so-equitable distribution...

Although the previous owner was posessed with demons, I can not guarantee the bike, itself, is haunted.

Proceeds from this sale will be invested in anger management classes for me, and possibly a few additional voodoo dolls of the ex.

Remember, marriage is like a jacuzzi. After you get in and get used to it, it's not so hot.