30 May 2009

Just one more

I once bought some echinacea plants from Future Primitive Plants. They have a wonderful selection of unusual plants, but they are rather expensive. That is they cost roughly the same amount as plants in the garden centres, but since I tend to buy my plants as plugs from ebay I usually pay much less. Each month Future Primitive email me a newsletter. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who can't say no to 'just one more'...

So, June has arrived...pretty much.

At this time of the year, most of you will have filled those spaces in the garden with new plants....to replace the ones you managed to kill last winter...am I right?
You're not alone - you'll be pleased to hear.

My fatalities this year are...

We will experience a lull in June - it always happens...we all take a much needed rest and scan the borders in the garden to see what we've achieved so far with our planting skills.

There will always be a little room for 'just one more'...the magazines inspire you whilst you lay in bed reading them...then you buy more plants...and hide them from your spouse...then you sneak them into a gap, which is too small!