29 April 2009

The back lawn

We've put a huge effort in during the last couple of weeks clearing the lawn and preparing for it to be turfed. The turf arrived this morning and although we were nearly ready for it we still had a lot of soil to shift before we could put the turf down. By the time we were ready for the turf it was already pouring with rain, but we both wanted to get on with it so we stayed outside. William gave us more support in the rain for around 15 minutes and then decided that we were crazy and came indoors.

This is the garden 6 weeks ago on an equally miserable day:

After the gravel had been removed and the old grass cleared:

Yesterday, Ian having dug over the soil in an attempt to level it:

This evening we removed all the large pieces of clay and then raked it over, but it was too wet at that point to get a photo. This is how it looked when the ground finally got too soggy to continue:

At least we don't have to water it tonight.


GB said...

I'm getting really excited and can't wait to see how much has changed since I was there - almost a year ago!!
(WV = subsole)