2 April 2010

In the greenhouse

Last weekend we spent some time in the new greenhouse assembling some new shelving. Despite being rather awkward to assemble and the fact that the manufacturers didn't take into account the existence of the sliding doors in the centre of the greenhouse (which meant that Ian had to cut two of the shelves) we're both really pleased. It's doubled the amount of space we have to store our collection of little trees and they're now organised in alphabetical order along the length of the cooler half of the greenhouse.

Opposite the trees is a raised bed in which I intend to grow our herbs (except for mint which I'm only growing in pots because it likes to take over)

The warmer half of the greenhouse has four currant bushes, a grape vine and a blueberry in, which will be joined by more exotic fruit and vegetables such as marrows, aubergines and melons in the summer.


GB said...

I would love a greenhouse but its chances of survival in Eagleton would be somewhere around zero. Here I grow my few herbs in pots and I've only ever seen commercial greenhouses. That's something I've only just realised. But then I live in a very warm and sunny part of NZ.

Dewi Elliott said...

Wow! You have put a lot of hard work into the greenhouse and we are looking forward to taste some of the tasy produce. We also hope we will have more pears this year. :D