18 December 2009

Bye bye builder

We had quite a stressful day. The builder we've had in to knock down some walls and put in some new doors and windows seems to think that our house is his and that he has the right to make all the decisions. He decided that he and his electrician would be doing our electrics in the new kitchen (not something we asked for) and despite our protestations the electrician arrived today. The builder talked him through the job as he wants it done without consulting us. Needless to say when the quote arrives we shall not be saying yes.

The good news is that the builder is packing up as I write. We had to tell him that we were leaving for Christmas this weekend (which we're not) to get him to speed up and finish the doors and windows. The bad news is that he's convinced that he's coming back in January to finish various jobs. We shall allow him to put in a new window upstairs, but if we have our way he will not be setting foot in the kitchen ever again.

On the other hand, William had a blissfully relaxing day...


Randy Emmitt said...

Ouch on that builder! I build myself but smaller jobs as here in North Carolina you need to be a licensed contractor to do jobs over $30,000. The last job I did the customer was very pleased in fact the job ran a little over budget and they still gave me a nice bonus at the end. Very pleased and that is what it is all about building. I'm known as the Liberal Handyman http://liberalhandyman.wordpress.com/

GB said...

Yet another builder story then. What is it with builders? Good luck.