11 October 2009

A first

Yesterday we went for a walk in Haldon Forest. One of the paths offers wonderful views of the Exe Valley

The forest contains a number of sculptures, most of which are of a musical nature. This crocodile was off the path and I would have missed it if Ian hadn't spotted it

The forest is very popular with cyclists and horseriders. Unfortunately this baby grass snake that Ian found in the middle of the path appeared to have been run over by a cyclist

It was upside down and I was convinced that it was just one of those little rubber toy snakes until Ian moved it off the path. This is the first snake I've ever seen in the wild and it's a shame that it was dead. Hopefully we shall find a live one someday.


GB said...

Sad about the snake. The trees seem quite late in turning down your way.

Scriptor Senex said...

A lovely view! You missed the crocodile and you are thinking of a trip to Australia - you had better be a bit more careful there!

Dewi Elliott said...

Wonderful view and nice crocodile sculpture! I wonder if you buried the snake or not?

Helen Edwards said...

We didn't bury him Dewi, but Ian did cover him up with some big leaves.

Dewi Elliott said...

That's very good - I hope his soul rest in peace. :)