17 December 2008

Carol Wagon

In Formby the Rotary Club collects money each year by taking the 'carol wagon' round the streets in the run up to Christmas. The carol wagon consists of a caravan or truck pulled by a tractor, covered with Christmas lights with an open end in which father christmas sits. As a child I would listen out for the carols playing and watch from the bedroom window.

I'm not sure if something similar occurs in York, but if it does it never went down my street. I'm pleased to say that our road is on the annual route of the Exeter 'Christmas float'.


Scriptor Senex said...

Lucky you! I haven't seen one for years. For the first couple of years we had one in Yew Tree Road but never since. A pity because they would make a lot money for charity in this area - but no, despite the beard I'm not volunteering to be Santa!