16 November 2008


Is it just me or has Christmas come particularly early this year? I have to admit that Ian and I been singing Christmas songs for at least 2 weeks and the Christmas things we've bought haven't actually made it into storage until December. Still, I was most surprised to see that Otter Nurseries had a wide range of Christmas trees available yesterday. Today we visited Bernaville Nurseries for the first time and they too had Christmas trees (though admittedly theirs were live in pots). Driving to the nursery we saw a house with Christmas decorations up outside - the big inflatable santa variety. Is it the same where you are?


Scriptor Senex said...

Don't know if the nurseries trees yet but thank God no one has put up decorations yet. Mind you, according to someone I know Altrincham turned on its Christmas lights two weeks ago!

L'homme bizarre avec la barbe grise said...

New Zealanders don't treat Christmas quite as commercially as in the UK. Leastways that's what they say. But the shops are full of Christmas goods and offers and Wellington had its Santa Parade last Saturday.